What You Need to Know About TTC: Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a public transportation agency or service operating streetcar, subway, and bus and paratransit services. The agency operates across Toronto, Ontario Canada. The service was established in 1992 and it consists of 4 rapid-transit lines. The rapid-transit lines have about 75 stations in use, more than 149 bus routes and of […]

Toronto Wildlife – What You Need to Know About It

Wild animals have been for a long time the best tourists’ attraction in the universe. People travel far and wide just to see these amazing creatures. It is the pride of every country with the best and unique wildlife as it attracts tourists from all walks of life. It is therefore important to note that […]

5 Best Parks in Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Ontario Canada. Having a large population, Toronto also has many parks where you can go to have a picnic and even take your children to have some fun too. This is the main reason why it is attractive to people looking to not only have fun but also work. […]

What to Visit in Toronto This Summer

With this year’s summer in full swing, few places offer as many attraction sites as the great city of Toronto. If you are looking to make this urban jungle your next holiday destination, here are the top places to visit during your stay.